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Jizera mountains

Jizera mountains are situated on the nord of Czech republic, between the Lusatian mountains and the Giant mountains. A part of this area with the highest mountain Wysoka Kopa is located in Poland. The highest mountain of Jizera mountains in the Czech republic is Smrk (1124 m). The main part of the mountains is formed by granite, some areas are formed by basalt.
The nature of Jizera mountains fascinates visitors with its coarse Scandinavian character and plenty of beautiful places with unique natural creations. There are many peat-bogs or areas, which are formed by spruce virgin forest.
Jizera mountains and Ještěd ridge are important recreation areas of the Czech republic. They offer brilliant conditions for summer tourism. In winter they become a famous place for skiers, because of many kilometres of arranged tracks or ski tows in many ski-centres of Jizera mountains.

List of places

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Recommended routes

From Bedřichov to Smědava and Bílý potok
Bedřichov, Lesní chalet - Nová Louka - Blatný pond - Kristiánov - Rozmezí - Štolpišská road - Smědava - Bílý potok, railway station (total 23,5km)
From Desná to Jizerka
Desná, U dubu - Desná, monument boulder - breached dam - Soušská road - Jizerka (total 11km)
From Kořenov to Štepánka and to Harrachov
Kořenov, railway station - Lesní chalet - Zvonice - Na vyhlídce - view-tower Štěpánka - Kořenov, Cutisin - Harrachov, railway station (total 9km)
From Oldřichov to Hejnice
Oldřichov v Hájích - Oldřichovské saddle - Lužec - Hejnice (total 9,5km)
From Nové Město pod Smrkem to Frýdlant
Nové Město pod Smrkem - spa Libverda - Peklo - Raspenava - Frýdlant (total 18km)
From Liberec to Hejnice
Liberec, Folk orchards - Mlynář cross - Rudolfov - přehrada Bedřichov - crossroads under Olivetská mountain - Bílá Kuchyně - Ferdinandov - Hejnice (total 18km)
Trip to surroundings of Liberec
Liberec, Folk orchard - Starý Harcov - Hašler´s chalet - hotel Weber - Bedřichov´s saddle - Rudolfov, Czech chalet - Liberec, Folk orchard (total 16km)
Trip to surroundings of Hejnice
Hejnice - Ferdinandov - Štolpiš´s waterfall - Ořešník - Hejnice (total 9,5km)
Trip to surroundings of Jablonec nad Nisou
Jablonec nad Nisou - Dobrá Voda - Vrkoslavice - Černá Studnice - Jablonec nad Nisou (total 12km)
Trip to surroundings of Desná
Desná, U dubu - waterfalls at Černá Desná - dam Souš - Novina - Desná, U dubu (total 12km)

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