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Czech Switzerland

Czech Switzerland is our youngest National Park. It was originated in January 2000 and connected to National Park Sächsische Schweiz in Germany. The area is situated along the river Elbe and its larger part is in Germany. The area described at this server is enlarged by area of Krásná lípa, Chřibská and Šluknov´s hook.

The highest peak of Czech Switzerland is mountain Děčínský Sněžník (726 m). The most interesting places for tourism are wide rock towns, for example Tisá, Ostrov or Jetřichovice. The most important river of area is Elbe, which have generated deep canyon to a sandstone table.

List of places

If you click on the icon Find the place on the map beside the place, you will get its position on the map. If the virtual route goes at this place, you can start it by click on the icon Virtual routes.

Recommended routes

From Děčín to Labská Stráň and Hřensko
Děčín, hospital - mountain Stoličná hora - view-point Labská vyhlídka - crossroad above Loubí - Belvedér - Labská Stráň - valley of Suchá Kamenice - junction of Suchá Kamenice - Hřensko (total 18,5km)
From Mezní Louka through rock bridge Pravčická brána to Hřensko
Mezní Louka - rock wall Křídelní stěna - rock bridge Pravčická brána - Tři prameny - Hřensko (total 12km)
Trip to surroundings of Srbská Kamenice
Srbská Kamenice - Růžovský vrch - crossroad under the hill Růžovský vrch - Kamenická Stráň - valley of Kamenice - mill Dolský mlýn - Srbská Kamenice (total 13,5km)
Trip to surroundings of village Sněžník
Sněžník - Ostrov - rocks Tiské stěny, cottage - village Sněžník (total 9km)

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