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Lusatian mountains

The area of Lusatian mountains connected to Czech Switzerland and ending near Liberec at the east. In south side it verged to the hills of Bohemian Highlands. Geologically they are orriginated by basalt and phonolite eruptive rocks, which are more hard than neighbouring sandstone. This sandstone come down by erosion and creates the characteristic relief with elongated ridges and expressive conical or cumulous hills.

Lusatian mountains are not too high. The highest mountain is Luž (793 m) at the frontier line with germany. Other important peaks are Jedlová (774 m), Klíč (760 m) nebo Hvozd (750 m). In the year 1976 the area was proclaimed as the State Protected Area.

List of places

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Recommended routes

From Kamenický Šenov to Kytlice
Kamenický Šenov - rock Panská skála - Prácheň - Klučky - Falknov - Kytlice (total 8,5km)
From Jedlová to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou
Jedlová, railway station-1,5km- Ranč-1km- crossroad under mountain Jedlová - mountain Jedlová - village Jedlová - Statins of the Cross - Jiřetín pod Jedlovou (total 6,5km)
Trip to surroundings of Nový Bor
Nový Bor - Arnultovice - mountain Klíč - Svor - Rousínov - Cvikov - rock formation Panenská skála - rocks Havraní skály - Nový Bor (total 18,5km)
Trip to surroundings of Světlá pod Luží
Světlá pod Luží - Myslivny - crossroad under the hill Ptačinec - rock Vrabčí kámen - rock Pětikostelní kámen - saddle Stožecké sedlo - U Jána - mountain Malý stoh - dam Naděje - Světlá pod Luží (total 13,5km)

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